Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Will Keep Fighting

Doubts. Temptations. Messing up. Any one of these things can make you feel like a failure as a Christian believer. They can pull you away from God and isolate you from where you need to be the most…at church and with other believers. We are so often made to feel that church is only for “perfect” Christians; but we are wrong.

The world and Satan have waged a war on Christians. They want us to fail. They want us to beat ourselves up for being hypocritical (another whole article in and of itself.) Satan will do anything to get us to doubt the truth and authenticity of what we believe about God and who He is.

I, however, have made a vow. I will fight as long as there is breath in me to stay true to my beliefs. I will keep fighting against temptation, and against my doubts. I will continue to fight to do the right thing, to hold true to my morals, and to grow in the Lord. Because I don’t trust my own human heart at times, and I made the concrete choice when I was very young to believe in God. So, believe Him I will – no matter who is against me or how alone I may feel at times.

I think sometimes people think that to be a Christian; it means all of your problems will go away. They can get confused and frustrated when Satan only attacks all the harder. I think sometimes people don’t dig their roots deep enough into the Lord or His Word. So when the tide comes in full of temptations, doubts, and accusers – they are easily swept away. I don’t want to be one of those people. I realize that to be a follower of Christ means that I have to be a warrior at times. I have to put on my shield and carry my sword and I have to fight on His behalf. I have to fight for what I believe is right. For I am His representative. I have taken up His cause.

I don’t read my Bible as much as I should. I don’t have the answer sometimes to give people to their searching questions about God. I sometimes neglect prayer and turn to God later rather than sooner. But I will keep fighting. I will keep fighting to read my Bible more often. I will keep fighting to have the knowledge to answer people’s questions and I will keep fighting to show people that my faith is a personal relationship – not a religion.

I will keep fighting because God means everything to me. I love Him. And that’s what you do for someone you love. When you mess up, you dust off and you get back at it. You don’t give up. You keep fighting for that relationship. So that’s what I intend on doing. Forever.

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