Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life Shaping Words

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Words. They do change and impact our lives. We can chant all we want to – but the words that are directed at us are sometimes life changing and life – shaping.

Do you remember words that changed the course of your life or words spoken that caused you to have a significant shift in how you viewed yourself? There are so many conversations we have over the course of a lifetime. What is it, about certain ones that just stick with us? A phrase possibly or even just a few words that stand out in our memory over time and cause us to make a change?

Sometimes my daughter will comment about something I’m wearing which will cause me to never dress that particular way again. I look at that as a positive since I never want to look dorky! HA HA But there have also been words spoken that aren’t positive. Or words that I maybe even watch in a movie. Profound words. They penetrate my heart and instead of simply thinking, “That’s good.” They are strong enough to motivate a change.

What words have changed your life? Were they good words or bad ones? Who or what was the source? You know, sometimes we give power to words that we shouldn’t. The giver of those words intended to harm us all along and we never should have digested what was said; but instead, consider the source. And sometimes we sidestep words that we should have given more credence to because they were aimed to help and strengthen our lives. Whatever the situation or occasion – words are powerful.

What we say, can’t be taken back. No matter how much we apologize. We need to be so careful. What we say to ourselves however, can be taken back and in fact, changed. We need to make sure that we don’t live in a cycle of battering ourselves.

Words live on even when we don’t. Sometimes they continue to give power to those who hear them over and over again. Sometimes, the words we replay in our heads should have long since been forgotten.

Choose wisely which words you let impact and shape your life. Choose wisely, which words you use to shape someone else’s.

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