Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Things Have to Remain Just Between Me and God

There is a common trap that writers and bloggers fall into. It’s the trap of viewing everything in life as a potential article “piece.” Our minds tend to always be on the lookout for that next great “grabbing” column, article, book, or blog post. It’s very hard not to view anything that happens to you in the context of written word. It just is.

In a way, I love that. I love that inspiration is possibly around every corner. But on the other hand, God has shown me something personally that I’ve had to apply a few times.

Some things just need to stay unknown to the world. Some things just need to remain between us and God.

My life is very open. I choose to have it that way because of the burden and passion I carry with me to impact and encourage others. It’s a hurting world. There are so many people who need to hear they are not alone. They need a little kick-start at times; at others – a hug through words from a stranger who can understand and empathize.

Yet there have been a few occasions when something profound or deep-to-my heart has happened, and I’ve been ready to pen it down lest I forget. On these occasions, I’ve sensed God speak to my heart. I’ve sensed Him tell me to let them go. To leave them in the moment. To keep them personal – between Him – and – me.

There are just some things the world doesn’t need to know. There has to be something left for myself sometimes. Something that is so personal, so touching or impactful on my heart and life; that I just let it drape over me and let it remain anonymous to those who aren’t in the “know.” I have to do this for my own walk and relationship with God because if I threw absolutely everything down onto paper or churned it out on my computer, then I’d tread near the line of using God. I’d be using personal things for professional gain or notoriety. And I never want to do that.

For me, I just have to be reminded by Him from time to time that it’s okay to let some things slip away in the recesses of my mind. It’s okay to not shout out what happened to the world or repeat what priceless truth and lesson He’s taught me. Because it was just for ME. Me. Not everyone else.

As a writer, that’s a hard lesson to learn. But my God is so good at reminding me and He gives me plenty of other material to use to minister to others in His name.

I never want to use my Lord just to get a great article. I never want to use my relationship with Him to garner attention or grow fans. In order for me to be real and authentic, I have to let Him tell me to sometimes let something good fade away without it being said. For it was a personal gift to me – not the world.

It’s been good for me on the occasions I’ve done that. And I pray there will be more moments where my God tells me to cherish the moment and then let it go. For it keeps me humble and it keeps me focused on what I want my life and ministry to truly be about. My relationship with Him.


Susan said...

This is very, very good. And, very, very true. When one begins blogging sharing can become a trap. Thank you for the reminder - I really appreciate it.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I LOVE what you've written....and it's SO true!

I often find that God loves to hide things in my heart...that are just between us!

Thanks as well..for the reminder...that we don't have to post everything! :-)

Jenn said...

I needed that today!

BARBIE said...

Such a great reminder. I have pretty much been an open book since I started blogging. I am careful to not share much about my husband or family. I pray I have not offended God' heart by what I've shared so far.

Amy said...

Great post. It rings so true. I had to take some time off and just get with God. Thanks for sharing.

Dionna said...

Thanks for the words - ladies. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who needs this reminder and personal prompt from God at times! :)

Jennifer said...

Excellent point! So true. I have blogs, tweets, and status updates running through my head so much sometimes that it feels like it's going to explode! And not every gem that God gives us is meant for the world, you're right. Thanks for pointing that out.