Friday, December 17, 2010

Staying True to Who We Are

My first car was a pickup truck. It was a Chevy S-10 pickup. Red and white. The rearview mirror came in the glove box and I had to constantly re-glue it to the window. There was no air – which was fine in Oregon, but when I moved to Las Vegas – that was not something I enjoyed. Still… I loved that truck.

That truck was “me.”

I actually had a little Honda for a few weeks before the Chevy. It was a stick-shift. I wanted an automatic and I wanted a truck. The car was a good deal, so I gave in and got it. It was cute and in great shape. But it was not what I wanted. It was not “me.” So it only lasted a couple of weeks before we re-sold it. Then, my dad found my Chevy. MY Chevy. I was so happy.

That’s the way it is with our lives. Sometimes we give in and do things that are just not “us.” Whether it’s peer pressure or lack of patience, we decide to just go with something. But it’s wrong. It’s not God’s will for us and it’s not who we are. It’s all wrong. Just like my car. The thing itself may not be bad. It may be something that is very worthwhile or attractive. But it wasn’t meant for us.

Only when we wait and stay true to who we are, will we find that we are happy. Only when we stick with the desires and dreams that God has placed in us – only then will we find true satisfaction as we live out the calling that He has placed deep within us.

It doesn’t matter if everyone else likes cute little cars. If God created us to love trucks – only trucks will do. And it doesn’t matter if everyone else loves to run or speak or wear certain kinds of clothes and live certain lifestyles. If God didn’t create us that way, none of those things will work out for us. They won’t satisfy and we won’t flourish in those roles, lives, or positions.

We can be proud to be who we are. I love that I’m not like everyone else. I love how I was made. I don’t want to blend into a crowd, but I want to stand out. For that is how I know He intended it to be….


Faith Imagined said...

I am with ya! I would rather stand out and be myself than blend in with the crowd! BTW, I love the picture!

R. Reed said...

This is such a funny post, probably not what you were going for here but it makes me recall being younger and having that strong desire for a truck as well. I wanted a truck so bad I could taste it! I drove my grandfathers and always felt "right" when I rode with him in it too. My grandmother, who raised me, always said "ladies" don't drive trucks and in the next statement said I was like a bull in a china cabinet, haha. A bit of a contradiction I used to tell her. I finally got my truck though, a red Mazda 3300 with a little extended cab. Oh how I loved that truck! Now I have a full size Dodge and I love it even more, dents dings, scratchs and all that comes with living in the country.

Like I said not what you were going for, but it is so fun to walk down memory lane sometimes. Thanks!

Dionna said...

That's okay R. Reed! I'm glad it brought back some tender memories for you! :)

Selah said...

You do such an amazing job writing. I always appreciate all you come up with. God is sure using you. Blessings my friend and I am so proud of you. Thank you for encouraging me.

Dionna said...

Thank you, Kim. Your words mean a lot to me.