Wednesday, December 22, 2010

There Is So Much More

Do we model our faith for our children?

I read something that got me to thinking on this very subject. The author was talking about Christian teens today and how a lot of them believe that they are simply to do good things as a Christian; to be good. And the result? God will be good to them.

Wow. Is that what Christianity has been reduced to? Being good?

When I read the Bible – King David wasn’t always good. But he loved the Lord and desired to serve Him. Peter wasn’t always good either. There were countless men and women in the Bible who weren’t always “good.” And I just wonder how we’d respond if we were sifted as Job was. Would we say God was “good” to us?

I’m worried that our faith won’t translate well to the next generation because, in part, we haven’t lived it well. We haven’t exercised it or stretched it.

Faith is everything to me. Yet I know that a lot of times I talk to God from my heart and exercise my faith privately – from my heart. If I want my kids to see God working in my life (and theirs), I need to be more open about what He is doing and how He is working. I need to show them that I have faith in Him; even in the tough moments in life.

Sometimes answers from God take years. Sometimes things aren’t always “good.” Serving God is much deeper than that though. Much tougher. It takes day to day faith.

I want my kids to see what “living it out” really means. I want them to know that a Christian lives by faith and not by feeling or sight. It’s not a “tradition” but it’s a choice.

I pray I can be that kind of Godly example for them. So that they won’t reduce their faith to simply “being good” and they won’t minimize God to a deity who just helps them feel good and is good to them. For there is so much more.

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R. Reed said...

This is a very timely post for me. I was thinking about this jsut the other day, I too practice my faith privately for the most part I do not think it has translated well for my son at all. It breaks my heart. As a kid I remember going to revivals ( a lot), being in church everytime the dorrs were open, my great grammy talking about the Lord constantly. There were worn bible everywhere. Times have changes so much. I could go on and on, but thanks for the post. It's comforting to know someone else thinks about this too.