Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Does God Think of Me?

What does God think of me?

I saw that question posted on a blog and it got me to really thinking for I had never really thought about it before. I’ve always heard how much God loves me, He delights in me, takes great pleasure in me and so on and so on. But what does He really think of me?

How does He view me, as a person?

As parents, we often label our children with attributes and style characteristics when we describe them to others. We say things like, “She has a heart of gold,” “ he’s my outdoor child,” “he’s strong willed (or stubborn),” “she’s clingy,” and “she’s a go-getter.” Those are only the beginning of how we describe our children to others!

So how would God describe me? How does He see me? Does He call me His “adventurous one,” His “needy child,” His child who “always tries so hard,” or the “one who always has to learn things the hard way?” Does He know He can give me a lot to handle on His behalf because I will be responsible with it or does He know I’m going to need extra disciplining or coddling and reassurance?

Those thoughts really stop me in my tracks. For I want my Lord to find favor with me. I don’t want Him to have to use extra patience with me (although sometimes I think I need extra patience with myself!) I want Him to see improvement in my life. To look back and see a starting point and find that I’m growing, learning, and improving. I want Him to find me a good listener, a hard worker, and someone who has a loving and obedient heart.

One of my greatest desires is that when I get to heaven, God will look at me and smile – open His arms wide so I can run into them and say “Well done, Dionna. Well done, my good and faithful servant. I am SO proud of you.” It brings tears to my eyes to think about it!

Yet, I feel I have so far to go. So many times I disappoint myself. So many times I stumble and fall. So many missed opportunities.

Still…. There is today. And there is tomorrow. And I can improve. I can change. I can make a difference and be the difference. I can still be that person I desire to be. For myself and for Him. My heavenly Father. Because it matters very much to me what He thinks of me.


Diana said...

In fact I don't think we can know now what god think of us. In my opinion we will know what god think of us after our death in doomsday. So it is better to be good and not to follow the devil's way.

Dionna Sanchez said...

Diana -
You are correct. We can't know exactly what God thinks of us but posing that question definitely gives us pause to think about what He MIGHT be thinking based on how we're acting and living.

Kathleen Fischer said...

Dionna~ I think this is a great question to ask! And I love the picture you posted with it! :-) Adorable daughter of God! I think this question impacts many aspects of our life without our even realizing it. In a class I lead called "Understanding Who We are In Christ" I begin by having the participants answer 3 questions: How would you describe yourself; How would others describe you; and How does God describe you?

It is very powerful to take a look at these questions and particularly the last one. Most of us live in light of how we are viewing ourselves and how others are viewing us. Many times we highlight the negative. Then, when it comes to God, we often think he is looking at our weaknesses, even if we "list" all the positives we hear about in scripture. How we interpret God's view of us deeply impacts whether we turn to him in good times or in bad, or at all.

I believe God wants us to know that he is the consummate loving Father and He thinks of us as His incredible, amazing girls. Not because of anything we have done or will do, but because we are truly made perfect through the sacrifice of Christ. I'm so very glad that this is not rooted in anything I have come up with in my mind, but is firmly rooted in the scriptures (both old and new testament) and backed up in the life of Christ. God's view of us is that of a loving, adoring father... the one most of us can only wish for; the one who holds us close when we are scared; the one who welcomes us in no matter what is going on; the one who reminds us of our inherent beauty; the one who wipes our tears when we are wounded; the one who defends us, even if we are not sure how he will do it; the one who loves us so deeply he would die for us.

As Christ helped us to see, God is our Abba "Daddy" and he views us as the deepest delight of his heart, whether we are performing well or not. I believe the scriptures are FULL of God's heart for each of us as his little girls. Having come from a childhood of great pain when it came to fathers, it took me years to actually grasp God's view of me. Beth Moore helped me tremendously with this in her "Believing God" study. Through a thorough review of the scriptures, and consciously deciding to believe the Word of God regarding his view of me, my life has been transformed. No matter what I now face, I have a strong, compassionate, loving Daddy who encourages me to approach him with confidence because he thinks of me all day long as the delight of his heart. Each night I imagine my pillow as the chest of God where I can safely lay my head, knowing that: He never sleeps, He knows all my needs; He has made a way for me to enter his presence no matter how much I messed up the day or my life... and I am transformed into a little girl who is safe in the loving embrace of a forgiving Father who sees all of me and says "that's my little girl whom I love". That's what I believe God thinks of each of us who have received the righteousness that could never be earned, but was given to us as a gift when we chose to put our faith in his son, Jesus. I'm so glad I won't have to wait till heaven to know what he is thinking of me, but I can keep going back to the scriptures to be reminded of his thoughts toward me that are more numerous than the grains of sand. I am (we are) the Apple His Eye and the Delight of His heart and His Banner over of is LOVE.

This gives me the beauty I need in the midst of my storms. So, thanks for asking the question!

Dionna Sanchez said...

Thanks for those thoughts, Kathleen! Good ones. :)