Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Run To You

I was feeling pretty emotional that morning. I think I was tired and a little worn down, so my emotions were just below the surface. But also, I was feeling some “woe is me” kind of feelings. I knew that it was temporary. They were the kinds of feelings where I could see the bigger picture, but I was still feeling “blue” a little bit.

No matter what I did, nothing seemed to help. It was just one of “those” days. I felt distracted, unfocused, and down in the dumps.

Only one thing helped. Out of everything I tried – only one thing helped. Can you guess what it was?

It wasn’t food. It wasn’t my walk on the treadmill.

It was when I turned to God. That was my only bright spot in the day. Go figure.

God was the only one who could lift my spirits. As well He should.

He wants us to run to Him, come to Him, and lean on Him when we are feeling down. He wants to love on us, restore us, bless us, and reassure us. I’m so thankful He never tires of me coming to Him – for some days I need A LOT of reassurance!

The thing that gets me is why I seem to run to Him AFTER I’ve tried all the other stuff. Why is He sometimes an afterthought? Why do we try to carry on in our own strength when we know perfectly well that it is HIS strength and His strength alone that will renew, revive, and restore?

Lord, I’m so thankful I can run to you. I’m so thankful that your arms are always open to me and that you are faithful, understanding, and true. Thank you for encouraging me on so many days and in so many moments that could have overtaken my heart.

I love you.


Coffee and a Mop said...

What an awesome reminder. I, too, seem to run to other things first and then I get that tug of a reminder to go to Him. Like Joyce Meyer says..."Run to the Throne and not the phone."

Linda said...

I strugle with this too! I exhaust every avenue and then it hits me like a brick..."Hello, I have been standing here waiting on you all this time" Sometimes I get it right but mostly I don't.