Thursday, January 20, 2011

It Wasn't Until I Started Reading Blogs....

It wasn’t until I started reading blogs that it occurred to me to take pictures of my food. I never thought to take photos of treasured heirlooms or record a way I’d decorated for the holidays.

Reading other people’s blogs and seeing their pictures has shown me just how many moments you can capture of a lifetime. Whether it’s a child studying for a test, a grumpy face, or a fun moment of celebrating an award – blogs have shown me how I can capture these everyday moments and have them forever.

Now, I look at everything with different eyes. I think about the fact that I might want to remember that meal I had on a special vacation; so I snap a picture of it. I contemplate a special note written on a white board by a child – and I take a picture.

Snapshots in time.

Something I might have overlooked or never thought about recording, had it not been for blogging.

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