Sunday, January 16, 2011


I hate being misunderstood. It is one of the most frustrating things ever. To have to explain yourself. I just hate it.

I can’t stand it when people have the wrong interpretation, vibe, or view of me or something I’ve said or done. It just really gnaws at me. Yet I have been learning the past couple of years that sometimes it really has nothing to do with me at all. Sometimes a misunderstanding comes purely from where someone else stands and views life. And you can’t always change their view or position. Of course, that’s hard too. But God has been showing me something in a very tender way (for He knows that’s how I need to hear things at times). He’s been showing me that I won’t die if I’m misunderstood. I won’t fall apart. And most importantly – that sometimes I just shouldn’t explain myself.

God is often misunderstood. Sometimes He may choose to reveal a truth to us, other times; He doesn’t. He leaves us to seek and figure things out for ourselves. Sometimes in our lives, that’s what is needed too.

If someone doesn’t know my heart and character; no amount of explaining myself is going to change how they see things. They just don’t know my heart and soul! They see things on a level that exists because of where their heart is and on how they WANT to see things. I won’t be able to win no matter what I do. It will only cause me great stress to bend over backwards and take every last breath I have trying to explain myself. It will be like dust in the wind.

I’m learning (the hard and slow way) that sometimes if I know I’ve had pure intentions and motives and that my heart has been right with God – that I have to be satisfied with that. I’ve got to leave the misunderstanding untouched by me. God has very clearly been speaking to my heart in the past year about being still and letting Him do the working and moving in my life instead of the striving coming from me all of the time. That’s a hard lesson for a sanguine to learn! But it’s an important one for there are great truths and deep meaning to be found in the quiet moments of life where we simply observe and listen.

I still hate being misunderstood. I hate it when someone gets me totally wrong. Not only do I hate it when they get my actions wrong but I hate it when they get “ME” wrong. Who I am and what I’m about. But I’m beginning to see that sometimes it’s just not even about me in the end. It’s about them and what they want to see.

Life certainly is not fair and we don’t always get a fair shake – even if we deserve one.

God can take our injustices, our mistreatments and misunderstandings and He can work in beautiful ways if we hand them over to Him. He won’t let us be shamed or embarrassed if we are remaining obedient to Him. Knowing my heart is right with Him has to be able to override any misunderstanding that may occur in the meantime.

That has to be enough for us. For me.

“It is dangerous to be concerned with what others think of you.” Prov. 29:25.

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