Monday, January 10, 2011

Sleep Is Not a Job

I hate it when seasons of life get so busy that you just run through your day at full-tilt and then crash into bed at night; only to begin the same thing the next morning. It’s as if sleep is a chore or a job that is just squished into the events of life.

That just doesn’t work for me.

For me – sleep is restorative. It refreshes and renews me. It gives me strength. Peace. Focus.

I hate it when I fall into bed and close my eyes knowing I’ll be asleep in less than 10 minutes because I’m so exhausted. I hate that as soon as I close my eyes, it feels like the night is over and I have to open them and start running through my day again. I just don’t feel like that is what sleep was intended to be like for us.
I think the words “sleep” and “rest” should go hand in hand. Sleep should feel restful. If it doesn’t, something needs to be readjusted in our lives. Certainly there are seasons where sleeping may feel like a chore or just another project on the list that needs to get done. But those times should be short-lived. Other wise – we may be short-lived!

I believe in sleep. I believe in rest. I thrive on it!

How do I prefer to sleep? I prefer to lay down in my bed a short while before I actually go to “sleep.” Whether it’s reading a book, chatting with my husband, or (yes) catching some tv to wind down – I like a little time to let my body calm down before bedtime. I prefer the same thing when I wake up. I like time to slowly rev up for my day. Of course with kiddos, this isn’t something I’m often granted. But it’s what I prefer and how I operate the best.

Being a parent means that our sleep-time is often relegated to the back-burner. Sometimes that’s a “must” in our lives as we prioritize our families. But other times, we need to prioritize ourselves, and that means getting a good night’s sleep. It means resting more than our eyes, but resting our hearts and souls.

Sleep is not a job.

It should be more like a temporary vacation.

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