Monday, January 3, 2011

Stay Soft

I have a pretty tender heart. I cry at commercials and have even been known to shed a tear over a touching line in a comedy television show. Sappy or not – I’ve always embraced the sensitive side of my heart. I like it. It keeps me humble and it reminds me to put myself in someone else’s shoes. Being tender is good.

I’ve noticed that it’s easy to get hard. As tender as I feel I am, my heart has battled bitterness, cold, and resentment. It’s easy to let those things creep in – especially when you’ve been hurt or wounded. It’s easy to tighten your jaw and your fist, when you feel you’ve been neglected or even overlooked for a long period of time. It’s far too easy.

I’ve witnessed a sense of boldness come over individuals. I love being honest. In fact, I value it highly. But I don’t value bold honesty that comes with the price of wounding another.

I think we find it easier to be bold and tough in a way to protect ourselves. It’s like an outer shell that we think will thwart any and all attacks that may come our way.

But, I have to tell you something. Being a tender person means I get hurt. Sometimes, often. It’s never fun. In fact, it’s painful. But I wouldn’t trade those moments. Not if that means I have to become hardened. It’s not worth it to me to protect myself if that means trading in the very softness of heart that I believe God gave me. For so many beautiful moments have opened my eyes and come into my world purely because of that tender and soft spot that He created!

Life gives us a beating sometimes. No one seems to escape a lashing or two from time to time. But if we grow cold because of what we’ve gone through, then it seems to me that the one who gave that lashing wins. He/she (or them) have gained a victory not only over an event in our lives, but over our very beings. Because they have taken away a piece of our hearts. It’s up to us not to let them!

Lean into the Lord; hard, if you have to. Lean into Him and let Him tend to those tears that reside in your heart. Let Him heal and use what you’ve been through as a ministry to help others. Let Him show you the beauty that comes with staying soft. Only then will you live a life of victory. Only then, will you see with true vision. An open heart means open eyes – and that benefits all of us

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