Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Being Built

The more I feel ill-equipped to do something – the more God calls me out of my box. The more I feel ready to tackle something and take it on, the less He asks it of me.

Maybe it’s pride. Maybe it’s God wanting to keep me humble. I don’t know. Of course it’s not always this way…but I have found that God loves and delights to use me in areas where I am very nervous and where I feel inadequate.

I think He’s building me.

In a way, I look back and I see how I’ve gained confidence. How I’ve grown. How I’m “readier” than I’d originally thought because of those things He’s taken me through on His terms.

And I love that about Him.

I love that God knows what I need more than I do. I love that He’s never led me in the wrong direction. And I love that He takes me where I need to go – not always where I want to go!

That’s my God.

I’m so glad I’m on His team.

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