Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Didn't Notice

I was reading a blog post by someone today who was praising God for something big He’d done in their life. And rightly so. They’d gone through a pretty significant trial (okay – huge!) and God had restored them when the odds were against them.

I was praising God with them and it got me to thinking about how worthy He is of our praise. We praise Him far too little. He does SO much for us. All those big things He’s done for us – the big prayer requests we’ve brought before Him, He’s done. But He’s also done a million small things for us that we probably forgot about or didn’t even notice.

Think for a minute.

Think hard.

I bet there are some things you could come up with that at the time, you didn’t realize was God. It wasn’t coincidence or “happenstance” or luck. It was God.

I bet there are even more things that you can’t think of at all that He’s done for you. Those things were God too. Those things He’s protected you and I from without our even being aware of it. Those blessings He’s brought our way. Those prayers He’s answered before they were on our lips. Because He knows us and He loves us. He longs to bless us!

Right now, I feel so loved. And I feel so humbled.

I want to notice. I want to notice when God sends a cool breeze my way so that I’m not overheated working in the hot sun. I want to notice when He protects me from a car accident or shelters one of my kids from harm. I want to notice it all. And I don’t.

We don’t.

So how worthy is He? How much praise does He really deserve? For He is a GREAT God. He not only does the BIG things in our lives but He does much more than that. He does bigger things and smaller things that we never even notice.

May I sing of His praises all the days of my life – even if I feel like God is being quiet in my life and no grandiose prayer or blessing is being lavished on me. Because He does more – all the time.

I just may not notice.

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