Saturday, February 26, 2011

A "No Fuss" Kind of Woman

I remember my first date. The sweet guy was going to take me somewhere very fancy to eat dinner, as I recall. I convinced him to detour to a local pizza parlor instead. I remember my family chuckling at me and the fact that I’d opted out of an expensive dinner.

But that’s me.

I’m a jeans girl. I like to eat in the living room instead of at the kitchen table and I much prefer a casual get together over fine dining. Now don’t get me wrong. I love a good elegant meal. Especially when it’s with my husband and it’s a special treat. I savor every moment. But on the whole, I’m a “no fuss” kind of woman.

I think mainly, I was born that way. But I also kind of like simplicity because I think God enjoyed simplicity when He walked on earth. I think simplicity often brings out the best in people instead of people bringing out their best to “show off.”

When I got married, I never specified a “china” pattern. I have no “fancy dinnerware.” It’s our daily stuff or paper plates, if you have a choice! I do have some stemware that my grandma gave me when I turned 13. The girls and I enjoy drinking sparkling cider out of them on Christmas morning. But on the whole, I’m just an everyday, American girl.

I think it’s great to celebrate. I think it’s awesome to enjoy the “good things” in life. But I just think that we’ve forgotten how to enjoy the common, as well.

I never want to be someone who “expects” fanciness in life. If I get it, what a blessing and how much fun I will have enjoying it! But if I don’t? I will relax, laugh, and enjoy the moment. I will feel freedom in the normal things that bring my heart such joy. For I don’t think I will ever not enjoy pizza, taco’s, or denim. I don’t think I will ever raise my nose at “down home” instead of “uptown.” That’s just not me. In fact, sometimes I think I will prefer it. I will prefer the genuine and pure feeling that comes with it.

Life seems to be focused more and more on image these days. I care about my image. But I also care about being authentic. Sometimes there is just too much “fuss” over things when they need to be presented instead, with simple honesty and lots of love.

No plate of nacho’s could ever taste better when given like that. Wouldn’t you agree?

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