Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Wished Yourself Away

A profound moment and line in the “Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader” movie keeps floating around in my head. Ever since I watched it, I can’t get this one scene out of my head. It’s the scene where Lucy is wishing that she were more beautiful. In fact, she is wishing that she was as beautiful as her sister, Susan. She tries a spell to turn herself into Susan and Aslan stops her. He tells her that he realizes she is questioning her value, but in doing so – she wished herself away.

She wished herself away.

How often do we “wish ourselves away?” How often do we forget our own value and worth? I’m guessing; often.

Every time we wish we looked like someone else or got the attention and accolades that someone else gets – we are basically saying we don’t want to exist as ourselves but as them. Every time we strive to be or do something as someone else does – we are wishing our own selves, our own uniqueness… away.

The thing I loved most about this scene was how Aslan looked at Lucy. He looked at her with such love and gentleness yet wisdom. He saw what she didn’t see. He saw her value and worth. He loved her – just as she was and it pained him to think that she would no longer exist. Just as it pains me as a mother to think my children would ever contemplate being someone or something they are not. I don’t ever want them to think someone else is better than them. For they are just created differently.

I know – without meaning to – there have been times where we have all wished ourselves away. We feel unnoticed, forgotten, or of little value. But we ARE of value. Great value. We are each here for a reason. We have a calling that no one else can fulfill but us. No one else can BE us. They can’t speak as we speak, look as we look, or love as we love. They can’t fill the needs that maybe are revealed only to our eyes.

God finds great joy in who we are. He sees the bigger picture and knows what we ourselves, can’t yet see.

Trust Him. Serve Him where you are. And don’t ever “wish yourself away.” For you are greatly valued.


Shannon said...

thank you!
my hubby and I were just discussing this same thing last night. we have 2 girls and are realizing oh so quickly how momma's self image teaches them how to see themselves.

I WILL NOT wish myself away!

:) thanks again!

Susan Shipe said...

Thank you for reminding me of one of my favorite scenes in this movie. The tenderness of Aslan, the "if only" in Lucy....
My grandmother, in her wisdom, used to say to me when, as a little girl, I would say "I wish"..."Susie, you are going to wish your life away."
And, again, I am reminded of something I said to a girlfriend this week...we must learn to be content where we are because there is always going to be a new something vying for our desires - a new something to have, or be, or go... Today, I want to embrace here, now, me and your words were used to remind me, yet again.

Demetria Spencer said...

Isn't it amazing how a children's movie can speak to us? No matter how old you get, you can still find purpose if you look to a child. I have always been told this, and I'm learning it applies to all aspects of life.

Thanks for this post! I know I have been one in the past and still am in ways that never sees the total good. I'm always looking for something bigger and better outside myself. I guess it all goes back to how I have been treating in life by others. That will have a lasting mark, but I now can equip myself in knowing that I am perfect as is!