Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All Shapes and Sizes

I love to people watch. I love to watch married couples. It fascinates me to see how people “fit” with each other. Some couples seem so desperately different while others mesh in every way, shape, and form.

I notice how some couples just seem like night and day. I don’t know how they ever fell in love because they seem to feel the opposite way on all discussions and views of life. It cracks me up in a way. For I know life is always an adventure for these kinds of relationships!

One thing I was observing recently is how we as women look so differently from one another. Some of us are very tall, some are very round. Some of us have big hair while others wear short, cropped “do’s.” And the thing I was noticing is how very much our husbands adore us….regardless of our differences. Our husbands love us whether or not we have the body shape we think we should have. In fact, it’s almost as if they are blinded by our faults.

I love seeing a good marriage relationship where the husband thinks his wife is the most beautiful woman on earth….and she may or may not be to us. But to him, she is. How wonderful to be adored and loved in such a way!

For me, it just goes to show how diverse people are. How love can truly see the heart of someone. How the heart of someone can transform the body and make it more beautiful than it normally may appear to someone who doesn’t truly know us.

I love that.

If you are suffering from low self esteem or body issues, I want to encourage you to love yourself. If you aren’t married, there is someone out there who is going to truly, madly love you for who you really are as a person. If you are married, trust in the love of your spouse. For your shape doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. Take care of yourself the best you can, but then just be happy in the love of your husband.

It says that God looks on the heart….and I think sometimes…so do our spouses. The heart of who we are reflects on our outward beauty. We tell that to our children all of the time. But as an adult? I’ve really seen that play out in many marriages. It’s a proven fact.

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Sheila said...

So true, Dionna! Sexual attraction in marriage is based on so much more than just looking like a Barbie. It's the love that we've built up, and the spiritual connection, and the memories, and everything all woven together. And that's how it's supposed to be!

Thanks for linking up to Wifey Wednesdays!

Sheila from To Love, Honor and Vacuum!