Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Being A Great Dreamer Means Having Great Faith

I was a huge dreamer as a child. Not just a daydreamer, although I enjoyed that too, but I dreamed BIG dreams for my life. I believed in the impossible.

As I grew up – life happened. Hurts happened. And I sort of stopped dreaming…at least as much. I started to become more of a realist. Part of it was seeing how reality doesn’t always measure up to your dreams. Part of it was becoming a parent and becoming protective about what happens with your kids and in your family unit. Part of it, maybe, was simply letting the hurts in my life take root and grow – strangling the dreams I had for myself.

Now I’m in a point in life, where I have realized that although I still call myself a “dreamer,” that I really turned into more of a realist. And I’m ready to take the “dreamer” side of me back again. I’m ready to believe in the impossible, dream the audacious, and see it come true.

I believe that every person should use wisdom and discernment in their life. They should seek Godly counsel. So I’m not ready to transform into a person that is foolish and takes great risks that could jeopardize her kids. What I AM ready to do, is to see how my dreams tie into my faith again. For being a great dreamer – for me – means having great faith. It means truly believing that my God can do ANYTHING. It means that I can stop sabotaging myself and thinking, “I don’t deserve this” (because really – who does?) and start enjoying the fact that sometimes God simply loves to bless us out of His great love for us. It means that when I dream big, I am ready to see God’s hand move in a large way on my behalf.

I never really thought about how my dreams tied into my faith before. But it makes so much sense. That’s why it is so much easier for children at times to believe in the unbelievable – because of their childlike faith. Call it dreams – call it faith – call it whatever you want; but God’s hand is involved in it. His power is involved in it.

I think sometimes we have not, because we ask not. Sure, we can ask for the wrong things and get all of it, wondering why everything fell apart or became such a disaster. But if we ask with the heart of someone who wants to serve God in a big way, even if that includes some of our own personal desires and comforts, why is that a bad thing? Why should God say “no?”

I want to reclaim that “dreamer” inside of me. I want to believe BIG. Because if I never believe big, I’ll never be blessed in a BIG way.


Graceful said...

This post hit home for me tonight, especially the part about asking God. I just wrote recently about how sometimes I hesitate to ask God what's deep in my heart, because I am afraid he will say no. But I am learning that perhaps he wants us to make the ask, and to trust that he will guide us and love us no matter what.

Thanks for driving that point home for me tonight!

Dionna said...

Believing and not doubting - having a faith great enough that can surpass our "it'll probably not work out or never happen" --- that is one of the biggest steps we may have to take.