Thursday, March 31, 2011

God Is Speaking

Recently I’ve felt God prompt my heart to write a few articles. Then, not too long after I wrote them, I’d find other articles, books, or comments left on the ‘web’ along the same lines.  I marveled at how I’d never seen the particular topic written about that I could remember – and wondered why or how others could come up with similar ideas as mine, at around the exact same time.

I’ve always been told that God speaks to our hearts in themes. So at first, I just chalked it up to that. That I’d been writing about the theme that God was speaking to me at the time. But then a deeper thought came to me.

God was not just speaking to me.  He was speaking to His people.

The reason that I sometimes find others writing or addressing the same subject that has been on my heart is possibly because God is not just speaking to me – He’s speaking to all of us. He’s trying to communicate a very clear message to us; as His people.

Are we listening? Do we catch it? Do we hear it?

I long so much for God to talk to me. I crave to hear His voice. And there it was. So easy to miss, yet so obvious. Not hidden at all. Right out there, plain as day.

God is speaking to us. Every day. It might not be in the way we think we will hear it. It might not be the way in which we look for it. But it’s there. He is there.

So close. So personal.

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bookmarked!!, I really like your blog!