Sunday, March 13, 2011

To Love and Be Loved

I’ve always been a hugger. I hug people I barely know. I’m not sure why, I guess it’s just the overflowing love in my heart for people. If I think you’re cute, I’ll hug you. If you’ve cared for me in some way, I’ll hug you. If I’m happy to just see you and thankful you smiled at me – I might hug you.

I’ve never refused a hug offered to me by someone else, either.

Hugs are so great. They convey such emotion. You can hug when you’re happy and hug when you’re sad. You can hug out of camaraderie with another, or hug because you have no words to say at all – but you want someone to know you care.

I feel very disconnected from my children when we haven’t hugged in awhile. Touch is so important. Even if they aren’t real open to my hugs for whatever reason at that moment; I feel better reaching an arm around them and physically conveying my love for them.

Sometimes, when my husband and I are in a heated argument and I’m really upset (crying) – I stop and I say to him, “I just really need you to give me a hug right now.” Granted, when you’re mad at someone, giving them a hug isn’t always the first thing on your mind. But my husband understands it’s something my heart needs at that moment.

I need to feel loved.

I think about when I get to heaven. I’m not sure how I will react to seeing my Lord and Savior. I imagine I’ll do a great deal of tear-shedding. Maybe stare at God in awe or not be able to look at Him at all. But the one thing I’m almost positive I will want – is to be held in His arms and have Him hug me. To feel His love and know I’m loved despite all my failures on earth. All my mistakes and mess-ups. To feel safe in His arms.

I dream of that day.

Sometimes I let life invade into my hugging. I feel like I’ll be rejected if I try to offer someone a hug or they don’t give me the right “vibes” of wanting one. But I think that’s Satan trying to put a wedge in the connection that we all have as people. The simple fact that we want to love and be loved.

We can’t let him hinder us from giving that love.

Our hugs, our love, our arms, were meant to always be extended outward and open. They should never be closed off to another. A hug won’t always solve a disagreement, a problem, or a feeling towards another person. But it will show love.

And isn’t that the greatest thing of all?

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Z said...

I am a hugger too :) and it's amazing how touch can quickly banish negative emotions and allows healing and peace to pour in. Love is the most powerful weapon to use against Satan.