Friday, March 25, 2011

Working On My Character

I have a little notepad where I keep some writing deadlines on it. I update it regularly. At the top of it, I have some words. Those words are:

These are words that I want to remember. Words that I want to be more real in my life.
I think I’ve been pretty good about respecting people in my life and gentleness doesn’t come too hard for me. But I also want to be a more gracious person. Sometimes I can be gracious to those I CHOOSE to be gracious towards but not towards those whom I may perceive with irritable feelings in my heart. You know the people I’m referring to. The same people who rub you the wrong way, who are less than considerate towards you, and the ones who just don’t think…those are the same people we need to be more gracious towards.

Everyone makes mistakes. We’re all “stupid” sometimes. Heaven knows, we mess up, fall down, and say things we regret. I want to be more gracious towards others when they are in those moments because I know I’ve had plenty and will have plenty more. I would love some graciousness extended towards me in those moments. It’s so easy to be gracious towards someone whom you invite in your home or who you want to be a part of your life. It’s less easy to be gracious towards those who make you want to gripe, complain, and just feel downright grumpy.

I also desire to have more humility in my life. God’s always been good about humbling me if I ever get too much pride in my heart, but I want to learn to be more humble WITHOUT Him having to bring me to my knees. I want to simply remember that everything I do, everything I am, is because of Him. None of it is my own doing. 

So those are some of the words I’m working on in my life. What are your words? What qualities do you want to enhance in your heart and life? What qualities do you see as being integral and important – needed perhaps?

These are just a start for me. I find that when I start to master a certain quality, there are others that I’ve either lost somehow along life’s way, or ones that I failed to see were neglected in my life. I might just replace “respect” with “Honor” in the near future as it’s been a goal for me to show “honor” in all I do. Especially when I’m frustrated. That doesn’t mean I will stop desiring to be respectful. It simply means I’m focusing on flourishing another quality in my heart and soul.

One of my life’s mottos is: “It all comes down to character.” My dad told me that once and I’ve never forgotten it. Because it’s so true and he was so right. It really does all come down to character. What we do, say, and how we act really comes down to what kind of character we have as a person.

And I want to be a person of great character.


Susan Shipe said...

Humility...that is what is in my "alabaster box" that I want to give to my Savior.
A couple of my life motto's:
"It is never wrong to do right"
"Integrity is what you do when no one is watching"

Your posts are always encouraging and helpful.

Dionna said...

Thanks, Susan.