Friday, April 15, 2011

13th Birthday Scavenger Hunt

When my oldest daughter turned 13 she had a slumber party with about 8 of her girlfriends. We wanted to make her birthday special and yet try to keep it as low-cost as possible. One thing we decided to do was send the girls on a scavenger hunt. 

We had a twist with our scavenger hunt. It was a VIDEO scavenger hunt. We divided the girls up into 2 teams and sent each one of them with a scavenger list and a video camera. The rules were that they had to get all the items on the list on video and every team member must be in at least 5 of the shots. Each shot had to include at least 2 team members and they had to get permission from the homeowner before recording them on camera.  We also told the girls that they had to stay together at all times and that since these were our neighbors, they had to be respectful, courteous, and remember their manners.

It was a huge hit.  They had so much fun. My daughter’s birthday was close to Christmas so we were able to include some holiday items in the hunt, which made it fun as well.  And when the girls returned, we watched the video. Afterwards my husband threw the video all together and made a DVD of it for them to take home with them. 

Fun – at no cost with great memories.

Below, you will find our list so you can use it if you want to adapt it to fit your son or daughter’s birthday. I think the one advantage the video scavenger hunt has over a regular scavenger hunt (in addition to getting to watch it afterwards and see how the kids acted) is that the homeowner doesn’t have to give anything away. They just need to show it to the camera.  I have to say my favorite segment was seeing a girl show a man how to do the Macarena! I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.

Have fun with it – but remember to have your children be polite and respectable. What a great memory they’ll make.


Identify yourself and who you are with
Every Team member must be in at least 5 shots
Unless otherwise stated, each shot should contain at least two team members
Get permission before recording anybody
Entire team MUST stay together at all times
Be courteous and responsible with people and their belongings
No more than 3 shots from any one house

Standing by a Christmas wreath WITH home owner

Christmas cookies or Christmas cookie recipe

A green napkin

13 birthday candles

A can of COKE

A bag of Doritos

Someone in animal or fuzzy slippers

A pet that is NOT a dog or cat

Cartoon Band Aid

Chop Sticks

Flexible/Bendy straw

Get somebody to use YOUR cellphone to call the house phone and ask for the birthday girl

Team members spinning under a street light (bonus if you have a non-team member with you)

A garage door opening

On a slide (with homeowners permission)

With a Disney Princess character

Something red you can hold in one hand

Dribbling a basketball (OUTSIDE)

Somebody saying "Get off my property"
     (NO team members in this shot, and hopefully, you asked them to say it)

High five a child under 10 (they must state their age)

High five someone 10 or over

A piece of Christmas stationary


A team member wearing a BSU hat

A team member wearing a wig

A team member getting perfume sprayed on them

A bar of soap from a hotel

A balloon

One or more people (along with 2 team members) signing "Happy Birthday Kamica"

Bag from mall store

Sticker on team members forhead

Team jumping in the air simultaneously!

Team in someone's car (YES, with their permission)

Someone doing the Macerana


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