Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sometimes you just have to get a little mad. You have to say, “Enough!”  If you don’t get mad enough to fight, you’ll get swallowed – by labels that is.

Labels. Those things that show how people define you. They mark whatever label they feel fits you best (or the one they WANT to fit you, because you fit better in their world with that certain label marked upon you.)  I get so fed up with them, don’t you?

I don’t like to be labeled. I’m a free spirit. Yes, I do have certain tendencies and things about me that people can rely on. I feel passionate about certain people and things and those probably won’t change. Yet, I’m also open to life. I’m open to God teaching me new things about myself and others. So I’m constantly evolving….changing, as it were.

I love having the freedom to change my mind. I love feeling something new or deciding that I want to go after something that I ‘once upon a time’ didn’t. Labels don’t often work for me. Unless you want to label me something like “compassionate,” “honest,” “warm”…those labels are things that I could live with and wouldn’t mind being stuck with.  The thing is…I’ve found that when most of us decide to label another person – it’s in a not-so-kind way. We label them as “slackers,” “selfish,” “bitter.”  And they may have only been true in a single moment – yet somehow, we let them grow and become who we believe we are.

Sometimes you need to get mad. You need to stand up, face the world, and say “I will NOT be defined this way!” Then, prove it. If you don’t, those labels will soon say, “For sale” because you will have sold your heart away to what other people believe about you.

I’m not sure why we so easily believe the bad stuff about ourselves. Maybe it’s because deep down, we all know how unworthy we are. But that’s why God’s grace and love are so powerful. None of us is more worthy than another and we are lying to ourselves to pretend that it is. Whether someone is prettier or more talented than we are, doesn’t make them more worthy. It doesn’t mean they have the right to label us whatever they want and then we are stuck with it for life.  We can reach out and remove that label at any time. It’s simply a choice.

I think we forget who we are far too often. We forget how powerful we can be when we simply grab onto God’s strength and say “no, I reject that!”

Oh, how many of us are mis-marked with the wrong labels?

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