Thursday, April 21, 2011

What If This Is It?

What if this is it? “THIS.” This life. This spot you are currently living in. This moment of time. The day in and day out routine. What if “THIS” is it?

What if God never takes you to that other spot? That other job. That other life somewhere – anywhere…other than where you are?

What. If. This. Is all you get?

I have dreams. Wishes. Longings. So do you. Some of us are content where we’re at – some of us ….hungering for something else. Something more.

But there’s always that possibility – that where you are – is where you’ll always be.

Some of us refer to it as “waiting.” When in reality, it could simply be “living.”

We don’t all enjoy where God has us. We don’t all want to stay where we are forever.  But we don’t all get a say.

I think of the Israelities who wandered in the desert for 40 years. 40 years, people! I can only guess that they wondered – “Is THIS it?”

We so often plan for what we’ll do and who we’ll be once we get to THAT point – that destination – that dream in life. We’ll start such and such…then.  We’ll do this and that…once it happens. Waiting. Hoping. Dreaming.

Wasting time.

God doesn’t promise me tomorrow. He gave me today. And whether or not I like where my today is located --- it’s still a gift from Him. And I need to LIVE today. Fully. Abundantly. With all I’ve got. I need to begin such and such….TODAY. I need to do this and that….TODAY. No more waiting. Wishing. Hoping for the perfect situation, location, timing.

It won’t happen.

What IF this is it? What if THIS is all I’m given?  Then I’ve got to seek out what it is that God is showing me here and now. I need to search my heart and His heart for the blessings and opportunities He has in front of me in my “THIS.”

I don’t believe in waiting for another place or time. Oh yes, I still may dream for one. But I don’t believe in wasting the “THIS” that I have in front of me. I believe in being all I am, giving all I’ve got today. HERE. NOW. In my “THIS.”

If God seeks to send me to another “THIS” – fantastic. But if not? Then the “THIS” I’ve got – has to be the “THIS” I somehow grow to love. I’ve got to find the hidden jewels. The unseen beauty. And the riches that only God can give me.


Z said...

Wow Dionna! AMAZING! Such an AWAKENING post. It really got me thinking and I have no words to describe the emotion it stirred in me.

Dionna said...

Thank you, Zhanna. I'm so glad this stirred emotion in you. :)