Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All The Time

God is good. ALL THE TIME.

Do you believe that? Do you believe He’s good when you are struggling with relationship issues? Do you believe He’s good when you get passed over for a raise or a promotion at work  - or failed to be recognized for your hard work at all? Is He still good in your heart? 

Do you think God is good when your house gets robbed? Do you believe He’s good when finances are tight and you can’t seem to get a “leg up?” Is God good when your child is struck with an illness that they will have to live with…forever?

I believe my God is good. I don’t always understand His ways, but I believe He is good.

I believe my God is good even though 2 of my cousins committed suicide.  I thought He was good when we had to go to court to fight for what was right in our life. I KNOW my God was good when my daughter was born with 2 small holes in her heart because He showed me His glory in healing her.

There are so many times in my life where I’ve been hurting, wounded…upset. But my God was and is still good.

I can’t always see the light when I’m walking in the darkness.
But my faith gets me through the season. It carries me. (Or maybe HE carries me.) And when I look back, I can see how clearly my God was still good.

Life is not always fair. That doesn’t mean that God is not still good.

I don’t always obey God’s plans for me. That does not take away from His goodness; for I often reap what I myself have sown.

Satan works hard to hinder me, throw me, and frustrate me. But my God is still good. Satan, on the other hand, is not.

I breathe. Therefore I will hurt.

But my God is still good.


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Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, I say I believe God is good all the time, but in truth, I'm afraid I mean God is good when things are going well.

I need to continue to look for God in the darkness.