Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life Is Fun

I get sayings and expressions wrong a lot.

Like I told my husband to “throw the towel out the window” when I think I meant, “throw the towel in.” 

I’m funny like that.  My kids love it. For my inability to remember the correct line or phrase will cause huge outbursts of laughter and huge guffaws.

I don’t mind.

I tell them it’s my heritage. My dad gets expressions wrong sometimes and my grandpa did too. I’m kind of proud of my inability to get a saying right.

For a while, after the movie “Monsters, Inc” came out – we’d throw someone’s dirty sock at the other person and holler the number out. (In the movie, they have an emergency number they shout to clean the monster off after he’s been “touched” by humanness.” For the life of me, I can never remember the number. So of course, everyone else hollers it correctly – me? I holler any old number - #4219! #2312! Laughter ensues.

I’m flawed. And it’s okay. In fact, it’s good for me to laugh at myself.  It’s good for me to not have to feel like I need to be “perfect.”  I embrace this. I think I’ve even abandoned trying to get certain expressions correct.

My inability to remember sayings correctly, has taught me something in addition to humbling me. It’s taught me that life is FUN. And that it’s okay to have fun. I think God gave us such an amazing world. We don’t laugh enough. We don’t live enough. We don’t feel JOY….enough.

If I’m the catalyst that brings laughter to my family’s lips – then I’m honored. If I can bring joy to their hearts – I’m thankful.

Life is brutal. And every day, every moment, that we can see the sunshine amidst the rain around us – that is one moment we have become victorious over the darkness that Satan would rather have invade our lives, our hearts, and our very souls.

So go ahead. Laugh. Laugh hard. Laugh often. Laugh at yourself. Love yourself.  Feel the joy that God intended to fill up your heart. Smile.  And feel free.


Michelle DeRusha said...

Such a sweet, optimistic post. And you know what, I always mess up the phrases, and even actual words, too. I get it from my parents -- we are the malaprop family!

Heidi said...

Such wonderful encouragement! Life can truly suck the fun right out of us and really it's our perspective that gets skewed... thanks for tweaking mine back into place this morning :) And... I get the phrases messed up too... I used to call my sisters blackberry a blueberry all the time and she'd always bust out in laughter! I've also complained about my "mushroom-top" instead of "muffin-top" and my friends go crazy! Hey... I think mushroom-top works too, don't you?!

Dionna said...

Thanks Michelle and Heidi. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets phrases and words messed up! :) And Heidi - mushroom-top totally works. :)