Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scared of the Wind

When my youngest daughter was just a toddler she was scared to death of the wind. Being in Idaho, we got a lot of wind! The windstorms would come in and I couldn’t even get her to go outside. She would freak out, cling to me, start crying, etc.

I tried lots of things. I would hold on to her, tell her “it’s just the wind,” etc and nothing was working. It got to the point where she’d be inside the house looking out at us from the window while we were in the yard.

One day, I tried something different. I told her that the wind was Jesus waving to her. And something clicked - a little bit. She slowly would tread outside in the wind. It didn’t solve her fear completely, but it helped. I remember when the wind would whip up, I’d look at her to make sure she was okay and she would tell me that Jesus was waving to her! It was so sweet.

Over time, she lost her fear and grew up to love the wind and running out in it. But if you have a little one, sometimes rationalizing isn’t always something you can do with them. Try to be a little creative and put a positive spin on something that is truly scary for them. It worked for us and not only did it draw my daughter out of the house, it reinforced the power and personal side of our great big God.

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