Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Do I Get Out Of Being A Mom

Being a mother is a sacrifice. There is no disputing that. It is a constant, daily giving up of your own pride, wants, and agenda.

I hear a lot about the things we, as moms, give up. And it’s all true. What I don’t often hear about – is what we get. And let me tell you, that even though I’ve given up a lot in becoming a mom (being a mom is something I chose, by the way), what I’ve gotten in return has far FAR surpassed what I’ve given up.

I’ve gotten to put part of my DNA in another life. So part of me gets to live longer – further – and impact the world. It’s so amazing to look at another human and see part of yourself in them. To know that certain qualities and characteristics are from you. You can’t teach that to someone else – it’s inherent in who you are.

I get to love – freely. Often. Loudly. Softly.  And I love to LOVE! I have a built-in person who I can lavish my heart on. What is better than that?

I am humbled. This may sound like something you have to give up as a parent, but for me, it’s something I get. For I want to be a humble person. And sometimes it takes the innocence (or stubbornness) of a child to do that to a parent. It’s good for me. It refines me. It makes me a better person.

I learn to work hard. As much as I would love to shy away from hard work, hard work is one of the few things that truly teaches us deep rewards in life. It teaches us about our own character and beliefs. It teaches us perseverance. It teaches us to believe in something and to be accountable. It teaches us honor. It teaches us to be generous and giving. I want all of these things in my heart and in my life. Without a child to clean up after, work for, and be tired for – I might not have learned the same intensity of some of these lessons.

I get to be loved and accepted for who I am. I think a child loving a parent is as close as we will ever get on this earth to knowing and understanding how freely and unconditionally God can love us. A little child forgives so easily. Loves with such abandon. Accepts us for who we are. It grows you. It gives you confidence. It makes you want to be better for them.

I get to see life through someone else’s eyes. I get to laugh more. I get to find out just what it is that I believe is worth fighting for. I get to think about someone else other – than – ME.

I get to have immediate best friends for I ENJOY my children’s company. And the older they get, the more I enjoy them. In a different way of course. When they were little, I loved to spend time slowly brushing through their hair or reading them books. I loved to hold their little hands as we walked. Now, I love to talk about deeper issues with them . Rock out to favorite tunes and go shopping. The depth is just as intense, but it has changed its parameters.

Being a mom has changed me. I’ve given up things. But I’ve gotten so much in return. I’d never turn back the clock, or day with my children – not a second. They’ve given me so much. God has given me so much by allowing me to parent them. My heart and soul have gotten so much more out of mothering than I’ve ever given up. And as I look back, the things I’ve given up seem so much more ‘shallow’ than what I’ve gotten. So much more temporary.

I thank the Lord, every moment for letting me become a mother. It has given me the world – in the form of human bodies , hearts, and souls.  To me, that is so priceless.


Bobbie said...

I never got how badly my disobedience hurts God until I became a mom. My heart breaks when they make poor choices. I understand God better because of this.

Dionna said...

Bobbie - I love the perspective you lent to this. Yes, I probably understand God better because I'm a parent, as well. :)