Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting a New Perspective

Every time I go on a mission’s trip, I come home with a new perspective. Whether it’s an area of my life that needs tweaking and changing, or simply some spiritual growth and insight that needed to take place; I get a fresh view on things.

I usually realize how much it was needed.

I see how when you are in the same cycle of things – how you cannot be objective enough to distance yourself and look at things through a different lens. We need to get away to do that.

Not everyone can go away on a missions trip to get a new perspective (although I would highly recommend it.) But we can all get away. It’s simply a matter of intention and choice. If only we could see how much it is needed in our lives! Those blues you are feeling, the frustrations, the “blahs” of having the same thing day in and day out happen in your life – you can get a new perspective on how to change those by simply getting away from the situation.

Whether for an hour, a day or a week – our hearts, souls, and bodies hunger for that time of renewal and perspective. If you can’t go on a short-term mission trip or get out of town, simply go to your local creek and sit on the bank or go to your public library and find a chair by the sunny window. Whatever it may be, you need it more than you think you do.

Give yourself time to immerse yourself in whatever is going on around you. Let God whisper to your heart and find the worries and stresses start to fade and shift into clarity and focus.

Not all of our problems will go away by getting fresh perspective. But a lot of times, they will take their rightful place of priority and we will find that God has spoken to us about what needs to be done concerning them. He will give us an action point.

I’m so excited for my next opportunity to get a fresh perspective as I have some things in my life that I’ve truly been seeking God’s direction on. I pray that even if He touches only on one of those things – that a fresh breeze will blow through my soul and give me the excitement and direction I seek.

I pray the same will happen to you. That you will make the choice and be deliberate about taking some time away from your cycle of living and see how God wants to speak to your heart. Things don’t always have to stay the same. We don’t have to BE the same. Let God work in you and for you. Today.

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