Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Go" Is Not a Suggestion But a Command

Mark 16:15  He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.

I did not have a heart for missions until my husband went on a missions trip. That was followed by God prompting me to go onto the field as well. It wasn’t until then, that my heart changed and I realized the importance of missions.

Why is that? I grew up in the church. I listened to missionaries from a very young age. But I never seem to have grasped the value of it all. Missions never “grabbed me.”

I’ll tell you what grabbed me. People did. I love people. I love people all over the world. They are so precious. So unique. So fascinating. It took me going onto the field and seeing that little girl with the huge brown eyes and the hand that so easily reached up to mine – it took that to grab me. It took the smells, the hugs, and the love.

It shouldn’t have to be that way.

I have no illusions about missions. I don’t believe that I can go into Central America for 5 days and change someone’s life forever. I do however, believe a seed can be planted and that through the work that I invest and the emotions I go through, that MY life can be transformed forever. So then I go home, and I impact those in my own close circle. Maybe then they’ll have the desire to go onto the field and be transformed. Maybe they’ll feel what I felt when I impacted someone’s life (even if in a temporary way) for the Lord. Then they’ll go home and speak to those in their circle. And so on – and so on.

Most of us are waiting. Waiting for the right missionary we like. The right field to go to. The right timing to spend the money. The right time we feel healthy and well. When we will wait ourselves right out of opportunity.

God told us to “GO.” It was not a suggestion. It was a command.  We can trivialize it or rationalize it all we want – but it was a command. I see no, “If it works out for you,” or “If God particularly calls you” in there anywhere. No. He said, “Go.”

It saddens my heart to think that as much as I love the Lord, I would have chosen to not obey this particular commandment of God if my husband hadn’t first had the desire to go to Africa. That set off a whole chain of events that changed our lives forever. To think I would have missed the importance of this – well – it breaks my heart.

Not all of us are gifted speakers or teachers. We aren’t all people-oriented. But the neat thing is – you don’t have to be. There are opportunities as varied as people themselves; all over the world. You can go and simply work with your hands on a construction project. You can clean or serve food. You can just hold and love little babies in orphanages. You can go teach sports. You name it – someone probably has a ministry like that somewhere.

The only real prerequisite you need is love. God’s love.

Every single one of us should “go.”

Because He told us to.

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