Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keeping Your Family Stocked Up

I feel like there’s always something around here that needs to be replaced. I can buy new jeans for my girls and just when I think I’ve got their closets up-to-date, then I discover that they need new shoes and have outgrown their old ones. So I go out and get that accomplished to discover that we need new towels and washrags. I’m not joking. We still have some of the towels we got when we got married and that was 16 years ago. So lest you think I’m snobby and constantly have to have plush towels --- I say…oh how I wish!

So I buy one new towel set (the others will have to wait) and a few new washrags and am told that my daughter’s curling iron broke. I’m still searching for new pillows to replace the “flattened-to-a-paper” ones we have now.  And my egg slicer broke. Oh yes, and don’t you love it when you open the cupboard to find you’re almost out of toilet paper?

Now, mind you, these are examples. They all did not happen to me in the past week or month – but they HAVE all happened to me around the same time that I needed to get other supplies for this family and this home.

Who knew that keeping a family “stocked up” would be a full time job? Not only that – but I have to spread out my purchases between paydays.

I’m amazed at just how many supplies it takes to run a home and family efficiently and smoothly. No one wants to use a moldy kitchen scrub brush. (That reminds me, I’ve been used a broken dustpan for a month now!)

How do you do it? How do you keep your family stocked up on everything? For me, I have to prioritize. A thin and frayed towel may not be as important as a new coat for school and even though I’d dearly love to replace some of the hand-me down furniture that we STILL have after all of these years….they get relegated to the backseat.

The one thing I’ve noticed about always having to seek out something for my family is that we always seem to have just enough. We’ve never gone shoeless, shirtless, or without food. We’ve never had to “drip dry” after a bath or shower, and even though sometimes some of our things are old, they have held in there for us as long as we’ve truly needed them.

And it’s kind of fun to shop for new things – even if it IS a kitchen towel. Sure, sometimes it gets overwhelming to have multiple needs at once…but it’s a blessing to be able to fulfill a need and have my family look to me to complete it.

I guess it’s all in how you look at it.

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