Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Shout-Out For Baggies

Packing. I don’t really enjoy it. It’s hard to pack for multiple people when you’re a mom. On top of that, my youngest is notorious for making a huge mess of her suitcase. I’ll have her clothes all nicely put in there and a few days into a trip, she can’t find anything. When I ask why – I find her suitcase looking like this….

My husband came up with a fantastic idea. We now (all of us) use baggies to help us organize our clothes. It is heavenly! I love it! It keeps things neat and it also creates extra room! Clothes that would be otherwise wrinkled are a lot less so and you can find what you are looking for without dumping everything out of your suitcase.

Gallon size baggies, quart size baggies, sandwich baggies – you name it – they work great! So much nicer! I’m a convert. I don’t think I’ll ever pack the old way again without using baggies to help me organize, keep things neat, and create extra room (so that I can pack extra clothes!).

Not convinced? Take a look at these pictures.

All I know is that I think my husband is a genius because without meaning to, he provided a way for me to truly pack more on vacations. Every girl’s gotta love that! And if you have a “messy” for a child like I do, then you’ll love this even more for helping them not make a mess out of their whole suitcase. They can just open up a new baggie every couple of days for a new outfit or shirt without digging through 8 other things to find it. Easy as that.

Try it out on your next road trip or vacation and let me know how it worked for you!

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