Thursday, June 30, 2011

When Faith Trumps Fear

I’ve got this “issue” with fears. Never had it as a kid. Didn’t have it as a young adult. But as a mom and adult – it came in like a flood and has been trying to be an unwelcome friend in my life for at least 12 years now.  I keep telling it to go away, but somehow it sidles back into my life again.

I’ve learned how to use God’s power in my fight – for you can’t always rationalize with fear. And when I try to overcome it on my own, I lose. But when I use the arsenal that God has given me; I am victorious.

I have learned a few things in this battle with fear. One of those things is how easy it becomes to let fear trump your faith. Whatever the situation, fear grows quickly if it is not controlled or tamed. And it grows bigger than our faith. For I believe in the fear MORE than I believe in my faith. Not intending to; mind you. My faith is everything to me. But for a moment – I lose sight of what I believe in. I take my eyes off of the TRUTH, and I let my fears become the truth for me. Even if they have not happened or might never happen. For they are always the “what if’s…”

I have learned that when I swallow and let my faith trump my fear – when I BELIEVE….that is when I overcome. That is when I find peace. And that is when God shows me tender mercies.

I try not to give voice to my fears anymore. I don’t want Satan to know anymore than he already does about my life. I don’t want to give him more ammunition against me than he already has. But I CAN give voice to God’s truth. His Word has so many Scripture verses that bring comfort, healing, and joy. His Word is a light when I might otherwise slip into the darkness.

I still deal with fears. I probably always will. But at least I’m learning how to defeat them – one by one – instance by instance. At least I’m learning how to see the signals and stop fear in its track when it tries to suffocate me, hinder me, and just generally tie me up in its arms. I can now see when it’s starting to trump my faith. And I can flip it around by calling on the One who gives me the power to be immune to its pull on my heart. I can instead, let my faith trump my fears.

Each time I do, I feel a little more courageous, a little more free, and a lot more loved by my Heavenly Father.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Fear is my biggest challenge. And some days it is every place I look

Happy 4th

Dionna said...

Believe me, Teresa - I'm right there with you. But I refuse to let fear win in my life! I hear you though. Keep fighting girlfriend!