Thursday, July 14, 2011

Children Home For the Summer

“I’m bored.”  So many parents hear these words when children are home from school on vacation.  I even hear a lot of parents start to panic before school gets out wondering, “How will I keep them occupied?”

So I’m just wondering….when did we conclude that it’s up to us to keep our children occupied? 

I hear, “There’s nothing to do” once in awhile just like other parents do. But I don’t panic too much about it because I believe that it’s good for my children to have nothing to do sometimes. It’s good for my kids to have “down time” and not always have something on the agenda. They need to learn to slow down their lives just like adults do. They need to learn how to be creative, just like adults do. And they need to learn how to use their time wisely.

I like to plan fun outings or have friends over every once in awhile. I like to see the sparkle in my kids’ eyes when they are surprised or delighted by something we are going to do. But I also love to see how they decide to clean and organize their room when they are left idle, or how they pick up a book and spend the afternoon reading. I love how I pass by a room and see my kids playing a game…together of all things!

I love summertime.
I love having my children home with me. Yes, I get less done. Yes, I’m interrupted more. But I’m also reminded how valuable it is for our relationship to do things together. How I need to teach them how to cook more, or how to handle certain responsibilities. I’m reminded how one day they won’t seek out my attention or possibly even my company. So it’s good for me – as well as them.

Summer is not something to be dreaded. Our children aren’t the enemy nor do they need every moment of every day planned out for them. Let them groan a little. Let them lie around a little, then watch them get motivated as they seek out to entertain themselves.

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