Saturday, July 16, 2011

God Can Handle It

Do you ask God your big questions? Do you feel comfortable to let Him know when you are angry with Him? Are you able to say, “God – I’m sorry, but I’m having doubts.”

Those are very real and very big issues that can tear us away from the One who loves us the most. Yet the thing is, He can handle anything we throw at Him. He can handle our anger, our sorrow, our doubts, our mistakes – all of it.

When my kids are angry at me, I’ll admit, it’s not fun. I wish that they would understand where I’m coming from and see that sometimes what I’ve done is necessary for their deeper growth and development. It comes because I love them – regardless of whether or not they are happy with me at the moment.

The same I believe to be true about God. He sees the BIG picture. He knows the end results of our lives. So His choices for our life and what He allows to happen in it may not always make sense to us or we may feel like He is being distant, when in reality it is a part of His bigger plan for us.

I’m learning that the more I can be honest with God, the more I hear Him reveal Himself to me. If I can tell Him I’m angry or that I have doubts, often within a very short span of time – He will address those very subjects to me in a very tender, loving way that ministers to my heart. He never throws it back in my face. He never shames me for my feelings. Never.  I think He values the time I spend with Him even if my heart is grappling and struggling with things.

God can handle whatever we bring to the table. His shoulders are big enough for our tears. He is strong enough to handle our anger and He is tender enough to understand our doubts. So whatever it is that you’re going through, that thing that you’re trying to hide? Bring it out into the open and lay it before Him. I promise you – He can handle it and He will address it in a very personal way.

God wants us to feel His love. He wants us to trust Him. Take the chance now, to trust Him with those very deep and gnawing issues in your heart. He’ll not only help you work through them – but He’ll be faithful to you in the process.

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Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful. Thanks for writing it. In a crazy world, it's wonderful to be reminded of God's unconditional LOVE.