Monday, July 11, 2011

Guatemala 2011

I'm so excited to finally share our Guatemala trip video with you! My hubby worked hard to put it all together. It's always so fun to see everything come together to final product.

This is the video we showed our church this weekend. And although it highlights our time in Guatemala, it still doesn't show everything we did. It doesn't include the climb on Volcano Pacaya or the shopping, Ziplining we did....for we wanted to focus on what the trip was really about - our time with the kids and people of Guatemala.

My heart was stolen especially by the children in Guatemala. So loving, outgoing, and warm! I encourage anyone who has never been on a short-term mission trip to go on one. I've never heard one person say they wouldn't want to do it again or that they regretted it. On the contrary, most everyone is jumping at the chance to go on the field again! (As am I.)

Anyways - enjoy the video and may God work in your heart as you catch a glimpse of what instant love is like. :)

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