Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Want To See a Miracle

I want to see a miracle. Up close. First hand. Not the healing-kind (although those miracles are so amazing too.) No, I want to see the kind of miracle that is supernatural in that it cannot be explained away as a medical test that “they” must have gotten wrong or medicine that “must “have done the job.

I want to see a miracle.  A miracle that sends chills up my spine and down my arms. A miracle that can only be from my God.

I hear stories of how people witness things first-hand. Things like people that came to help them in an emergency and then suddenly disappeared. Or God striking an enemy down in front of them. How much would you tremble in fear and adoration at those?

Can you imagine being Daniel in the Bible and witnessing God close the lions’ mouths? Can you imagine seeing the Red Sea part in front of you just at the moment when you thought you were doomed and your enemies were going to overtake you? How about Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednigo? They stood in a fire, people, and were not burned! They were not burned.

I just think it would be so amazing to see a miracle. To witness it and to know that God moved on my behalf or on the behalf of someone I loved so dearly. It would be so gripping, humbling, and make me feel so loved to know that He chose to show His hand in an obvious way – to know that HE KNOWS I will see – I will feel it – and I will clearly (without doubt) see His glory moving and acting.

Wow. Can you imagine?

Life changing.

Yes, I want to see a miracle. I want to see a piece of my God. Not just believe in Him as I do every day..but to catch a glimpse. Just a glimpse! A real glimpse. From my earthly spot.

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