Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm 40!

So on my 40th birthday – here are 40 things about me. All are either delights of my heart, blessings, or dreams. Because today I’m celebrating the life of “me”…..

1. I was born on 7-27-71 at 1:27 in the afternoon. Look at all those 7’s! God knew I’d need help as I’m not good in remembering numbers. 

2. I thrive on Sunshine. I love the warmth on my face. Sun rays through a cloud always remind me of God. Anything that has to do with sunshine makes my attitude bright, my heart light, and my face smile. (I long to live in a warmer climate someday!)

3. I’ve been to some fantastic places on earth. Paris, Belgium, Jamaica, Panama, and Guatemala.

4.  I never wanted to go to college. I knew what I wanted out of life. And I’ve never regretted it.

5.  I LOVE dark chocolate.

6.  The only award I’ve ever won was a ribbon in Junior High for being “most inspirational” on our volleyball team. I still have it.

7. I had a Southern accent as a child. Seriously. I lost it when I had my tonsils out at the age of 5. Ask my mom. And when visiting the South a year ago, I started talking Southern again. (Need I remind you, I was born in Oregon?)

8.  I love chicken noodle soup. And a huge, huge salad. And pizza. And Mexican Food. And French fries. I adore French fries.

9.  My first car was a Chevy 7-10 pickup. And I still miss it.

10.  I love head massages. I’ve thought about paying my hairdresser extra when she gives me one, so it can last a little bit longer.

11. I cry deeply and I love and celebrate deeply. I love that about myself.

12.  I don’t really like high heels. They hurt. But I loooove boots. (How come I hardly have any?)

13.  I have secret wishes & dreams that I will never tell anyone. Because I want them to come true naturally and authentically.

14.  I can raise my right eyebrow. It’s the only fun thing I can do.  No nostril flaring or ear wiggling for me!

15.  I love thunderstorms. Warm thunderstorms.

16.  I would love to touch something on earth that Jesus touched when He was here.

17.  I was 2nd runner up for Miss Pear Blossom Parade Queen when I was 5. I got to ride on a float in the parade, but was squished the whole time by the little boy next to me who wouldn’t move over. I think I won because I skipped out on stage.

18.  My nails and toes are always painted. Always.

19.  I’m extremely sentimental. I still have a stuffed animal from childhood that I just can’t get rid of yet. I keep trying only to put it back.

20. I fed a StingRay at Sea World and touched a dolphin. I also fed a monkey in Panama.  And I’ve touched a grizzly cub.

21.  I adore steak. Well-done. But I hardly treat myself to it.

22.  I don’t normally do housework in the evenings. I’m not sure why.

23.  I really want to work with a humanitarian organization someday. Just so I can love on people. And write about it.

24.  I love Western and Indian things.

25.  I would love to be able to ride horses someday. Maybe just be a friend of someone who has them?? 

26.  I can write an article in 10 minutes flat if the words are truly tumbling out of me in earnest. Those are the articles I believe are God-breathed through me.

27.  When I’m out and about and have something I need to remember, I turn my ring around backwards. That helps remind me until I can get home and write it down or do it.

28. I have expensive taste. But no one really knows because I’m very frugal and don’t often allow myself to partake. Maybe that’s why I don’t have steak that often.

29.  I played softball (1 yr) volleyball, basketball, was a cheerleader and on dance team. My favorite was always volleyball. I also sang a couple of solos as a young girl.

30.  I once burned my eye with the curling iron. I also once got a piece of dust in my eye that worked its way up under my eyelid and scratched my eye. And the only reason that gets added to the “blessings & delights” list is that I am SO thankful God healed my eyesight. Twice.

31.  One of my favorite necklaces is a wood one that my husband brought back for me from Ukraine. The other would be a flattened antique spoon my mom bought me one year for my birthday after I saw it at a Saturday market.

32.  I can be very stubborn. I think at times, that’s a good thing.

33.  I hated history growing up. Now I love it. I especially love to place my hand on something that I know someone ages ago touched.

34.  Giving birth to two girls. Two of the BEST days of my life.

35.  I’m very honest. If you ask me how I like your hair, outfit – whatever and I don’t like it; I stumble to say something nice that is honest while not lying.

36.   Someday I want to stay in a 5 star hotel.

37.  I want to witness a miracle from God. First – hand. One that has no explanation. And gives me chills.

38.  I’m thankful for my warrior. My knight in shining armor. I always wanted someone to fight for me. And he did.

39.  My dream is to be a syndicated columnist and a steady paying writer where I’m free to talk about my faith.

40. I’m thankful, delighted, and blessed to be alive. To know my story is still being written and that I’m excited to turn each page. I feel better in my skin and more confident with who I am each year. And yet I’m so thankful that God isn’t finished with me yet…..


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Hope it's been great. I love the "turn my ring around to remember" idea and will try something similar! I know what you mean about touching something that someone else did long ago. I recently went to Ireland and touched castles and cathedrals and formations that were centuries (if not millenia) years old. I got a true sense of history. --PJ

BARBIE said...

Happy birthday Donna! Welcome to the 40's club, although my stay is half over. You've been fortunate to travel so much. I hope someday to get to Paris. I love when my hair dresser massages my scalp. It puts me to sleep. I also love #s 11, 16, 34 and 37!

Dionna said...

PJ - I hope the "turning the ring around" thing works for you. Only rarely do I forget why I turned the ring around! HA HA But when you're out and about and don't have a notepad - it's a great little trick.

Barbie -Paris was a lot of fun and very pretty - albeit HUGE! I have a husband who LOVES to travel. I like a little travel and a little homebody time too. :)