Friday, August 5, 2011

He Can't Have Us

Man. Sometimes I get really frustrated at how easy it seems for Satan to get under my skin in life. He is so adept. He can get me busy, stressed, tired and overwhelmed, or distracted. If those don’t work he will use things to irritate me, make me discouraged, or feel like a victim. He can attack my children, my marriage, my home, my health.

You name it. He can try it.

I can beat myself up for recognizing in hindsight how once again Satan gained a little ground in my life. Thank heavens, it’s usually only temporary!

But as much as Satan is intent and diligent in waging a war on us – there’s one thing he will never win. Us. Satan can’t have US.  Oh yes – he can hurt us. He can blind us. He can hinder us. But he can’t ever win us. For we are protected by God’s blood.

We are children of God. We are HIS. Once we accept God into our hearts – we are His children forever. Isn’t that such a reassuring thought? To know that you can’t lose your salvation? Sure, we can screw up our Christian walk from time to time and we can wreck our reputation. But if God’s in our heart – He’s in our heart. That saving faith means Satan can never have US. Body, soul, spirit.

That is a powerful piece of information. A truth that you can count on and use to help put your shield up when you’d otherwise feel down and out. Don’t get discouraged. Keep on keeping on. Dust yourself off and get back up to fight.

I promise you, you won’t lose.

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