Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shedding Light on Our Emotions

Women can be very emotional creatures. No surprise, right? Ha Ha. I can be very emotional at times. Especially when it comes to people or situations that I feel very strongly about. Right and wrong, or if I’ve invested my heart.

I can get fiery fast if it’s a hot button issue for me. I can cry at the wiggle of a nose if it’s a thorn issue for my heart, and I can panic if it comes to a loved one.

I try to use my “smarts.” I think I’m fairly intelligent by nature and I don’t like being led by my emotions. But led, at times, I am.

When I’m led by my emotions, sometimes I find that thing sour quickly. If I only would have “sat” on the issue for awhile or pondered what action I should take – then maybe I could have held more “sway” with someone or gotten my point across better. Instead, sometimes, emotion can blow it all to heck.

I don’t believe emotions are necessarily wrong. In fact, I hold a lot of weight with my emotions. They usually clue me in to a lot of things and if I listen to them, they hold a lot of truth in them. They usually stand for what is right and good….with me, anyways. But the thing is, I’m guilty of “jumping the gun” and letting my emotions answer a situation in all their full feeling instead of giving them time to think and reflect.

I recently had a situation come up that really made me want to panic. (Don’t ask, I won’t tell you.) But I was discouraged, frustrated and just on bent knee asking God how to handle it. I felt confusion and wasn’t sure how to proceed.

On at least 3 occasions, my emotions were on the tip of my tongue and ready to proceed with a course of action. By the grace of God, I held off. By a sliver. The thing is, before that 12 hour period was up….the situation totally changed. God sent me encouragement that I did not expect and it even turned into a blessing.

I thought about what would have happened had I reacted with full emotion and panic. I thought about how I could have wrecked the change of course that evolved only a few hours later. Everything would have been different.

I thank the Lord that He gave me instructions to bite my tongue, hold off on a course of action and seek Him in prayer as I sorted through what to do.

Emotions aren’t bad. We often should listen to them. But as we listen, we need to also think. Pray. And give it time. (Unless of course, a life is in jeopardy or it’s an emergency situation where time is of the essence.) Otherwise, time often gives clarity or at least propels you to take the right path and direction.

Our emotions are God-given. We should never be ashamed of them. But let’s just be careful about how we use them and in what light we allow them to unfold.

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