Thursday, September 8, 2011

Forever Climbing

I think it’s amazing. How quickly you can fall.

Just when you are finally feeling empowered, Satan has a nasty way of toppling your renewed spirit to the ground. In pieces. Tiny ones.

Why don’t we see it coming?

It’s like we finally can see things from the perspective of a mountaintop only to realize that someone snuck up behind us and pushed us off the cliff.

Then we’re looking up again and wanting so badly to feel strong and victorious once again. To feel like nothing can defeat us.

I hate how quickly those moments can pass. I hate that as soon as I feel a spiritual victory; Satan knocks me off my feet. And I’m on my knees again.

Forever climbing. We’re forever climbing to get back up on that peak again, aren’t we? Maybe that’s the point. To never feel so steady on our feet that we’re able to have the wind knocked out of us. To never be so sure of ourselves that we stop looking at what is coming up behind us. Maybe the climb is what brings us victory – not the standing at the top, part. Maybe.

I have learned that being on my knees is not a bad thing. In fact, that is where I find my source of strength when I am on my knees before the Lord in prayer. That is where I can truly lift my head up and see Him and see a glimpse of His perspective. Even if it’s only a glimpse, it shows me that the climb is worth it. The climb is necessary.


marygems said...

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Donna- maybe you are right and the climbing is what it's all about!
I've just been struck down and I sure didn't see it coming. I know that treasures are formed in the darkness like the pearl in the oyster. I also agree that if all went swimmingly- we might get cocky[ overly confident]!
Thanks for posting this- right day, right time- thank you GOD!!

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts today! I know I have felt that way lately. Just when you gain solid footing it seems as if you slip back. I am greatful that God is always there for me whether I am standing or crawling. Blessings!

Dionna said...

Marygems - I'm so very sorry that you have been struck down lately. I pray that God will give you renewed strength and courage along with encouragement to face whatever it is that has hit you.

Amy -
I'm with you. I'm so grateful that God never abandons me - whether stranding, crawling, or trying to fly on my own. :)