Friday, September 2, 2011

I Don't Want "Normal" Anymore

I’ve been on 3 mission trips. I’ve gotten just a glimpse, just a taste of what is out there in the world. I’ve felt what working for the Lord feels like. I’ve relished in it.

It’s hard to come back to “normal” after serving on the field for the Lord. Even if it’s only temporary. It’s hard to find motivation and purpose in the “little” and the “every day.”

The first time I came back from the field – I saw how I had developed ambition in my heart. How I was looking to build a name for myself. God changed my heart and turned my ambition into ministry for Him. He turned wanting glory for myself into wanting to impact others.

The second time I went on the field, I came back simply wanting “more.” I wanted more of God and I wanted others to know Him more. I wanted others to be able to feel and experience what I had.

The third time? God simply grew the desire in me to want nothing more than to love on others. To hug them. Laugh with them. Touch them and encourage them.

But as time has gone on, each one of my experiences have taken root in my heart and started to grow even further. The seeds that were placed there are blossoming. There are other things in life that have watered what has already been placed there. Conferences. Devotions. Godly counsel and advice. God’s Word. All of these things have stretched me. Nurtured me. Guided me. And taught me.

I am now sitting in a place where I have decided I don’t want “normal” anymore. I don’t want to wake up and simply face a day of folding laundry, doing dishes, and cleaning house. (Although these are blessings because of who I am doing them for and the health and financial means to be at home to do them!) But no – I want an extraordinary life. I want a life of adventure for God.

So I find myself looking outside of the normal. I find myself looking for opportunities where God can use me more and more. Where my days may be a little upside-down but they are exciting and fulfilling because I know God is using me to impact others more and more.

It’s hard to go back to normal once you’ve been in “God’s zone.” When you’ve seen and tasted what it’s like to be in full-time service for Him. “Normal” changes. You’re always looking to give away, get away, or grow. You’re looking for further, deeper, and longer. You’re looking for “more.”

I don’t want “normal” anymore. I want to be generous. I want to be in service. And I want to constantly have something on the radar that I can be doing for Him. Not in a “busy” way but in a “this is what He’s called you to do” way.

My new normal is to look for what might not be normal and see God in it. And know He’s speaking and seeking….me.


Joan Hall said...

Hi Dionna:

Visiting from Lynn's blog where I just read your guest post.

I like what you said here, and I agree, I don't want normal anymore! I want to live in the richness and fullness of His glory and do what He has called me to do.


Dionna said...

I'm so glad you stopped on over, Joan! I do hope you'll return. :)