Monday, September 19, 2011


Life is so fast.

People walk fast. They eat fast. They drop in and out of friends’ houses fast. They drive fast and they sometimes talk and hug fast.

Everything seems to be “amped” up.

We are busy. Our schedules are jam-packed. Even sleep can seem fast on those days when we drop into bed late and rise way before we’d like to.

It’s all just…so…fast.

My children are growing up – fast. Time seems to be going by – fast.  Yet I just want it all to slow down.

I want to linger.

I want to linger on my walk and enjoy the beauty around me.

I want to linger while I eat. Relish the food I’m tasting and the atmosphere.

I want to linger with my friends and linger in bed in the mornings so I feel rested instead of rushed.

I want to look around me. Smell things. Taste them – not just gulp them. I want to soak in the relationships and people God has placed in my life.

Do you remember -  lingering?

I remember lingering after church when I was a little girl. I’d walk around this square bench that went around a tree. I’d walk down one side, up the other, down the other, and then the other and back around again. I wasn’t bored. Sometimes I’d skip. Or just walk slowly. But I enjoyed it.

I remember lingering over meals when I was dating. Just trying to stretch time out to the maximum. Looking into each other’s eyes and delving deep into each other’s hearts with conversation and caring.

Lingering means something. It focuses outward instead of inward.

Lingering renews. Refreshes. And enjoys. “Fast” simply runs and accomplishes.

If I could choose between the two – I’d definitely choose lingering. How about you?

What choices can we make today to linger a little bit longer?  To find and tap back into that “something” that we all know we are missing in our daily life?

Don’t buy into “fast.” It’s not that pretty or popular and it will overstay its welcome quickly. Opt instead for “linger.” It’s genuine, authentic, and caring. And it will add more to your life than the time you could ever give in return.


Jennifer @ said...

One of my favorite ways to linger is over a meal around this kitchen table, overlooking the fields and the farm and the sunset. I love inviting friends to this place, and turning off every device that beeps and demands our attention.

I love fellowship.

Thank you for the reminder to walk slow on the journey. I don't want to miss any miracles.

Amy Sullivan said...

This summer I read "Not So Fast" by Ann Kroker. It really challenged me to slow it down...but I still struggle to linger.

For me, it's always, I will slow down when this is finished or that is finished, but then you know, it's never finished.

Dionna said...

Jennifer - That's a great way to linger. :)

Amy - You are so right. "It's never finished." That is why we need to fight so hard to be intentional. It's a daily struggle - but one I know we can win - even if only from time to time.