Friday, September 23, 2011

You Can Be Defeated Or You Can Be Determined

My youngest daughter is playing volleyball for the first time ever. She is trying to learn how to serve… not an easy feat.  She tends to get very stressed out and hard on herself.

Every member of my family has been out in the back yard with her at different times trying to help her out, offering advice and tips.

Sometimes, we just can’t get past the defeated girl who says she “can’t.”

I remember her older sister who was in the same position her first year of volleyball. She couldn’t serve the ball over the net either. Oh how far she has come! She is a great volleyball player today. So I KNOW that my youngest can come far too.

Every time my youngest would try to serve and it would hit the net, she would groan. Her face would tense all up and she looked near tears.  Till finally, I told her – “You can be defeated or you can be determined. It just takes practice.”

Joyce Meyers said something similar. She said, “You can’t be both pitiful and powerful at the same time.” And I’ve found it to be so true! If I’m whining and feeling sorry for myself, I can’t move forward. I can’t change my situation.  It was so obvious this was the case with my youngest as well. Every time she would groan and get upset, her serves would be terrible. But when she got fire in her belly and got focused a little bit, she would often come close to getting it over, or get it over all together!

She looked at me and tried to tell me that emotions had nothing to do with her serves – but I told her they had EVERYTHING to do with her serves. And they have everything to do with whether or not we can succeed in life. If it’s a dream or simply a state of mind (like feeling happy, loved, or content) our attitude and outlook determine it all.

There have been so many times where like my youngest, I have said, “I can’t.” I have felt defeated.  But God has shown me how when I change that weak , overwhelmed, and incapable feeling into one that is persistent and determined – He moves mightily with me and for me. And I move forward.

I don’t know about you, but I want to always be moving forward. And I want my daughter to learn how to move forward as well.

We can’t be pitiful and powerful at the same time. We can’t be both defeated and determined if we want to make progress in our lives. We just can’t.  So let’s get some fire in our bellies and throw out the “I Cant’s.” God has another level in mind for us. Sometimes it just takes some patience and practice to get there.


Danise Jurado said...

Hi Dionna. I found your blog at incourage community...
I love your heart and title of your blog! (finding good in the bad, so important in life) I followed you on twitter, I couldn't find the button to subscribe to your blog by email... I would love to keep in touch.
Blessings to you!

Dionna said...

Danise - I'm glad you found me! I love (In)Courage. :)

I don't have a subscribe button for email - hmmm - might have to see if blogger has one that I can add. But you can "follow" me either on facebook or through blogger or both! :)