Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Because You TRIED

I love movie quotes. I’ve written about them from time to time because a really good movie quote and the imagery that accompanies it hits home with me for a long time. It resonates and communicates something powerful inside.

Recently, I watched “Soul Surfer.” I love this movie. I love it for many reasons. One, it’s in Hawaii and the scenery and locations are beautiful. I imagine myself being there soaking in the warm sunshine among the palm trees. Sorry, I digress. Two, I like it because it’s the story of Bethany Hamilton – the young surfer who got her arm bitten off by a shark. Three, I love it because there is so much love, honesty, integrity and HEART behind the outer story of triumph. God’s in the midst of it all.

There is a scene in the movie where Bethany comes home to find thousands of letters for her. She had recently been very discouraged after trying to re-enter a surfing competition only to get frustrated by her new challenges.  She is amazed by all of the letters and asks her mom why they were sent to her; seeing how she didn’t win the competition. Her mom looks at her with the love and insight of a mother and says, “Because you TRIED.”

I loved that.

How often do we get it wrong? How often do we think that to be examples, leaders, or successful in the eyes of another…..we must come in tops, first, or be the best? How often do we delude ourselves by thinking we can only be loved by doing well?

Sometimes, all it takes is for us to simply TRY!

It doesn’t matter if we fall down, make mistakes, or even mess up in front of many eyes watching us. It doesn’t matter as long as we’ve done our best and TRIED. Because as long as we are trying – we are doing more than most people. Most people are too scared to even try at all. They don’t want to wreck their image, be seen as a failure, or embarrass themselves. And yet when we watch someone try with authenticity and a genuine heart – something in us relates with them. We understand. We know where they are at in their journey even if they don’t reach the place they want to reach. They are us and we are them. Because we’ve all been there.

I don’t know what you are facing today. I don’t know how big the hurdle seems in your life or how far off the dream. I don’t know how scared you are to look foolish in front of others. But I do know that you’ll never be okay with yourself until you at least try. TRY.  There is no shame in trying. It doesn’t really matter what the end result is because you TRIED.

And that counts for a heck of a whole lot.

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