Sunday, October 23, 2011

Choosing Happiness

How happy is your home?

I was thinking about this as I heard a song about happiness come across my radio station today. In a world that is full of frustrations, depression, bad news, and stresses – I was wondering how deeply it infiltrated our homes as we raise our children.

So… how happy is your home?

I’m not talking about the kind of “happy” that comes when you agree to let your child have ice cream or say “yes” to a friend sleeping over just so they won’t beg you anymore. I’m not talking about the kind of “happy” that comes when a child says ‘you’re the best mom ever’ because you bought them that most desired item at the store. I’m talking about deep joy. Contentment.  Sparkling eyes. Zest for life. Freedom and abandon that comes from feeling loved.  Feeling satisfied with who you are and what you have around you. Happiness.

Do you think your children feel happy? Do they know you love them unconditionally or that they are safe with you, no matter what mistakes they make or what happens in their social world? If life fell apart – if you lost your home, your car, and you had to move – would your kids be happy because they have something deeper inside of them and you are all still together and alive?

Let’s flip it around. Would your kids say you are happy? Do they hear you complain and whine a lot about your responsibilities and commitments? Do you smile more than you frown?

When was the last time you laughed together as a family? When was the last time you played?

Happiness is truly a choice. It’s not a condition or a circumstance, but a choice. And it’s our choice to make. We can choose to be happy even if we don’t have that job we’d prefer or we can’t buy the clothes we’d like to buy for our kids. We can be happy with getting free movies from the library even though we haven’t seen the inside of a movie theater for months. It’s a choice.

I don’t know about you, but I want my kids to remember that I was a happy person. I want them to feel the happiness and joy that I felt in being their mom. I want them to see how happy they make me… just by existing. 

I want my kids to see me kissing my husband and cuddling with him. I want them to see me laughing and having fun with him so that they know that I am happy to be married to their father.

More than that, I want my kids to learn how to be happy. When the day doesn’t go exactly like we’d planned, I want my kids to figure out a way to still be happy. I want them to make that choice. Not for anyone else but themselves. I know that they will feel the contentment and satisfaction in life that they seek; by simply choosing happiness.  And someday when they are grown up and talking to their own kids about their life and home growing up – maybe they will smile and remember the joy that lived there.


Elizabeth Mullins said...

Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am adding you to my blog roll as I feel that your words can be an encouragement to me! Blessings on your day!

Dionna said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!