Thursday, October 6, 2011

Everyone Wants To Be Heard

I love to read other people’s blogs. I love to see how they are navigating life. I get spurred by their creativity, renewed by their faith, and encouraged by their love. They share their heart.

That’s why I try to take the time to leave a comment if something has touched me in one way or another. Because everyone likes to know they’ve been heard. Everyone needs to be encouraged and uplifted. Often, it’s the ones who give and invest of themselves the most – that are the most malnourished for encouragement.

Just as in “real life” we want to know someone has heard us when we share our hearts with them over a cup of coffee or a meal, so do the men and women who share their hearts in words. Whether it’s a blog, an article/column, or a status update – the words uttered were done so with the hopes that someone out there was listening. Someone heard.

We can take from others without even realizing it. Take their knowledge, take their experiences, take their insight – and let it fill us. Let it nurture us. Yet we leave a well that is slowly emptying. Needing refilling. And who is there to refill it?

You are. I am.

So even if you think it’s a waste of time or you don’t have anything profound or brilliant to say – comment. It’s love and encouragement left in the form of a few words or sentences. It’s validation or much-needed advice. It’s support.

Let someone know you heard them.

Let someone know you care about them and that you value the time they invest into giving you a gift - in whatever form it comes (faith, creativity, parenting advice, experience in a hobby or subject matter like homeschooling.) Someone is giving you something. They are investing into you – even though they haven’t met you. Because they know what it feels like to be in shoes similar to yours. They care. They hope. They dream.

Just like you.

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