Monday, October 10, 2011

Forgive Me

There is beauty all around me. And for different reasons, sometimes I just don’t see it. Sometimes I willfully choose NOT to see it.

Pride does that to a person. We dig our feet in and think of where we want to be. Where we could be. And we snub what we currently have.

I hate that.

I hate looking back and seeing when I’ve been that.

So today, I’m asking God to forgive me. Forgive me for ignoring the blessings and beauties He’s placed in front of me – today. Now. Forgive me for acting as if what I have isn’t good enough and for failing to choose joy, contentment, love, and living to the fullest when I’ve been given so much.

There might be great things out there for me. But there are also great things around me. And there might be dreams to be fulfilled in my future that bring me overwhelming happiness, but I also know there are dreams that I’ve already lived out.  There might be better situations to be a part of than the ones I currently battle, but I also know I will look back and see how God touched me so personally in the ones I’m in now.

No part of my life is a mistake. No part can’t be turned into good. There is no moment that I live in that can’t be formed into a blessing.

So, Lord, please forgive me. Forgive me for not seeing what it is that you have laid in front of me. Open my eyes and my heart to learn what you want me to learn, love what you want me to love, give what you want me to give, and grow how you want me to grow.  

Help me see beauty through the storms, blessings in the trials, and joy amidst the pain that life so often brings. Give me wisdom and keep my heart soft.

May I be your humble and obedient servant – finding favor in your sight, strength in your power, and joy in your love. 



Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. It really spoke to me. I often get restless thinking about the future instead of choosing to enjoy the moment. I'll read this when I need a reminder to thank God for all that he has given, even well I selfishly want more.

Dionna said...

I'm so glad you stopped by. I pray you will enjoy many more moments while waiting expectantly on God to bring you that future you dream of.