Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes (Giveaway)


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I'm not one who likes to do a bunch of reviews on my blog. Mainly because I don't want to bombard my readers with "pitches" on products. So, occasionally, when I do do a review - you'll know that its' something I truly love, stand behind, or believe in.

This children's book, called "The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes" is something I wholeheartedly love.

This book - albeit a children's book - also has important lessons for us as adults.

Moms, especially are so caught up in the need to get everything "right." Whether it's our houses, our children, or ourselves...we feel we have to maintain a certain image. I think in part, because it's something we can control. We don't often know how we can deal with a world that is out of our control!

This book highlights "Beatrice Bottomwell" and her ability to never make a mistake. It shows how she does everything right and avoids anything that she might stumble at. But in the process, she doesn't allow herself much freedom to try things that might be messy or something she potentially is not good at.

The book continues to show how one "almost mistake" consumes her. And then a BIG MISTAKE happens and it ends up not being nearly as terrible as she'd always feared.

What a FANTASTIC lesson to teach our children at impressionable and young ages! To think we can give them the gift of freedom in not having to be perfect all the time - well, that's something that will release so many unnecessary stresses, burdens, and obligations from their shoulders!

I love this book. I'm keeping it for myself - as a reminder of the joy that is mine to grab onto in life - if I just allow myself and give myself the freedom to be imperfect.

And -- I get to give away a copy to you as well! Just leave me a comment below and tell me how you struggle with being perfect or how you want to free your children from the inner demands of perfection.

I will select a winner on Tuesday the 11th at random.

*(I was given a free copy of this book)


Paula said...

I used to have a huge control issue and would get so huffy if things were not done a certain way (as in "perfectly" in my eyes). I learned to delegate a little at work and started to ask myself the classic "in 5 minutes, will this matter? in 5 days? in 5 years?" It helped put things in perspective. Thanks for the post and giveaway, Dionna!

Sami Jo said...

It sounds like this book could be a really good lesson for many ages, as you said. I haven't seen you in a while - Dionna. Praying you are well & thanks for the heads up regarding your giveaway! I don't do giveaways too often but when I do it's always so exciting to find out who has won!

Alisha Beverly said...

I think us as Mom's especially struggle with being perfect and that in turn can rub off onto how you parent your children. Sometimes I focus too much on perfection and not enough time just sitting, enjoying, and playing with my boys. This was a good reminder! Thanks Dionna!

Looks like an adorable book!