Friday, October 21, 2011

He's Calling

I know God has called me to something.

I’m an encourager. I always have been. Strangely enough – even though there have been times where, I also, have needed to be greatly encouraged.

He’s funneled hurts in my life and in turn used them in ministry for His name. I love that. I’m blessed through that.

He’s funneled my loves into His causes. My writing. My love of taking pictures on missions trips. My love for my family. My love for Him. My love for others. And He’s used them to inspire others.

Yet, I can’t help but feeling like that “goal” He has in mind for me, hasn’t quite been reached yet. That I’ve been in training all this time. He’s been molding me. Leveling me “upward” in preparation.

I’m not sure what it is out there that I’m being pulled towards. Maybe it’s simply God Himself. But I keep pushing forward. On a journey to be fulfilled and know that I am in the only spot in life where I belong. A spot where I’m gifted and God is using me fully in those gifts.

Yes. God has called me. He’s called my husband. He’s called my children. I pray that each day we simply get closer and closer to being all we can be for Him and in Him.

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