Monday, October 31, 2011

True Strength

Strength. Sometimes I strive for it in the wrong way. I try to muster up my own courage. I try to be stronger than I feel I already am, or squelch any fear I may be having. I try. I try. I try.

It ends up being all wrong. That’s why true strength can often elude us. WE are doing the trying instead of turning to God. True strength and power comes from the Lord. It is HIS might that helps us – never our own.

Isaiah 30:15 “Your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on me.”

So many things I get wrong when I do all the striving and trying on my own.

“I.” I do the trying. I need to lay down the “I” and instead replace it with “HIM.” I need to depend on the Lord instead of depending on myself. If that means I need to acknowledge my own weakness and humanness, then that’s what God wants for me! Sometimes He just wants me to realize that it’s not by my own doing that I excel. The glory goes to God alone for getting me through life’s battles and giving me the courage and strength I need to be victorious in them.

I need to settle down. Often we can become little whirlwinds of activity trying to control the circumstances in our lives. We spin into motion trying to solve this or that. God often wants us to settle down and be still. Letting Him speak to us or move on our behalf. Those are the times when we start to focus, energize and gain momentum because we’ve given ourselves the time to listen.

God’s been teaching me a lot about His strength in the past year. He’s been showing me that so often we go at it backwards. When you want to be first, you need to be last. When you want to be at the top, you need to start at the bottom, and when you want to be strong, you must admit you are weak. Only then can we create room for God to work in us and FOR us.

If we are feeling weak and needing His strength, then we must give Him our attention and priority. We must trust Him.  And trusting means laying down the “me” and letting the “He” work in us and through us.

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